Iditarod Dreaming

Earl Norris 2011 7th Place

Leaders:Buck(left), tut (right)


The winter of 2012-2013 was not a great year. Only was able to run 1 race which i came in last place due to lack of training from work schedule and truck breaking down.

  Once i have brakes fixed on my 4 wheeler i hope to do a few tours to help pay for a couple bags of dog food. I am planning on training a couple of days a week this summer so when Aug comes we will have a head start on all the teams that can train every day where we can only train 3-4 days a week.

I am excited about training because i will have my 1 year old pups i will be training. I hooked them up this winter to harness break and was excited about what i saw.

On Jun 29th i am handing in the paperwork to sign up for the 2014 iditarod. It will be official on iditarod website in Feb after all qualifiers have been completed.

If interested in sponsoring please email or call, thanks for visiting the site and the interst in me and the iditarod